Welcome! Glad you found me.

About me

I am a third-year Ph.D. student in the Computer science and engineering department at Michigan State University. My research interests lie in the field of Computer Vision, with particular interests in manipulation detection/localization, model parsing, generative modeling, and image generation. I also have some experience with object detection in the wild. I’m working under the guidance of Dr. Xiaoming Liu at Computer Vision Lab (CVLAB).
I received my Bachelor’s degree in Electrical and Instrumentation Engineering from Birla Institute of Technology and Science, Pilani, India, in 2019.



I have collaborated with many experts in the computer vision field, namely Dr. Xiaoming Liu, Dr. Tal Hassner, Dr. Xi Yin and Dr. Sijia Liu. I’m thankful for all the suggestions provided by everyone mentioned above.

Summer internship/collaboration opportunities

I’m looking for internship and collaboration opportunities for summer 2023. If you want to discuss my research or any collaboration idea, I’m just an email away :).

Interests other than sitting in front of a laptop

I love going for long drives.
When having small breaks from work, I like solving jigsaw puzzles or reading a book.
Football, badminton, and table tennis are some of the outdoor sports I like.